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BADOTSA personnel

"We trained hard, but it seemed that every time we were beginning to form up into teams we would be reorganised. I was to learn later in life that we tend to meet any new situation by reorganising: and a wonderful method it can be for creating the illusion of progress, while producing confusion, inefficiency and demoralisation."
Caius Petronius, Roman Consul, 66 A.D.
This might seem to be an unlikely quote but perhaps relevant following the recent re-organisation of the Bugles & Drums of the Stedfast Association (BADOTSA).

A number of changes have occurred in the Band and this prompted a meeting (now to be called the AGM) on 7th December 2014 to agree some consequential, proposed structural changes.

The meeting agreed that the role of functionaries should not be tantamount to a life sentence; after all we were all there to enjoy ourselves when all was said and done. It was proposed that all posts should be limited to 1 year and then renewed at the next annual meeting (AGM) following appointment. Simple terms of reference for each post were agreed to help those appointed to be fully aware of their duties and to help avoid overlap.

At the meeting it was agreed that new posts be created and filled as follows:

Band President - Rob Bolton
Event Commanding Officer – TBD as and when required

Adjutant – Paul Hern
Assistant Adjutant (Admin) – Phil Stallard
Assistant Adjutant (Tech) – Brent Greenwood
Assistant Adjutant (QM) – Phil Macefield (

Band Master – Pro Temp Alan Hamer foot note 1
Assistant Band Master (East) – Joe Ash
Assistant Band Master (West) – Alex Easterby
Assistant Band Master (North) – Kevin Stock
Assistant Band Master (South) – TBD

Musical Director (Bugles) – Bert Lowe
Assistant/MD (First Bugles) - Paul Hotton
Instructor (First Bugles) – Brian Hawkins
Assistant /MD (Second Bugles) - Brian White
(Second Bugles) – Luke Walters

Assistant/MD (Drums) – Alan Hamer
Instructor I – Chris Noble
Instructor II - TBD

Musical Director (Bells) – Hazel Wallis
Assistant/MD (Bells) – TBD
Instructor – TBD

A warm greeting is given to all those who volunteered but we need also to say farewell to a well known members of the band:

We say farewell to John Donoghue; a long-standing character in the band since it started in 2000. John has been the QM for many years and like any good QM could always be relied on to produce whatever was necessary when it was required. We have replaced him with 3 others! Always ready to stand in as DM his erect stature belied his 76 years and he will be missed.


Alan Hamer indicated at the December meeting that he wished to retire (step down) as Bandmaster. It was understood at the time and reflected in subsequent written notes that this was effective immediately. However this was not Alan's intention.

Rather, he wished to remain as bandmaster pro temp* so as to mentor and to give continued oversight, to the assistant bandmasters who were subsequently appointed at the meeting.

The President has agreed with this appointment, which will remain so until the next AGM (December 2015), in line with the 1-year rule, which applies to all posts.

Potted biographies

Rob Bolton

Well known in 'BB' circles, founder of BB National Band Championships (1976). Known for his band work over many years both within the BB/GB and external bands too.
Past member of 57th Birmingham BB Company; now current member of London Stedfast Association and Bugler with the band.

Paul Hern

Well known in 'BB' circles, Paul was formerly Captain of 1st Malvern BB & Captain 7th Malvern GB Company's. Now secretary to both and their DofE & Band Coordinators and current London Stedfast Association member.
He has a military background with 21 years service in the RAF. At the behest of the late John Bates, Secretary to the LSA in 2010, he now fulfills the role of national coordinator through his function as Adjutant to BADOTSA. He is a bugler.

Alan Hamer

Alan is well known in the 'marching band' world both in the 'BB' and outside it. He is past Bandmaster of a number of Championship bands and current London Stedfast Association member.
Alan (who is a drummer to trade) was band master for BADOTSA for 14 years and is currently the Bandmaster pro-temp, acting as mentor to the newer Assistant Bandmasters.

Kevin Stock

2014 Tour, 2014 LMS onwards - 5th Halifax (Elland) Old Boys Association.

Phillip Stallard

Joining us on the 2014 Tour, 2014 LMS he serves as Secretary to the Stedfast Federation Management Committee. Phil is the Drum Major for the Newport City Stedfast Band and has joined us in that role.
In addition, as an administrator, he is one of our Assistant Adjutants (Admin) with responsibilities for maintaining the bands record of personnel etc. Contact him if you want to know an address etc

Alex Easterby

From Malvern in Worcestershire, a Warrant Officer with 1st Malvern - Alex has been with the band since September 2010 and was Awarded the Best DM at the Nationals for 2 years running.
His first appearance with BADOTSA was as Drum Major at our appearances in Aylesbury & Edinburgh.
He was assistant Bandmaster for the NW Tour undertaken by Sawston group in 2014. Alex is a drummer and is currently one of our 3 Assistant Bandmasters.

David Kemp

David, our former Coordinator and an excellent bugler, stepped down in 2010 after 10 years service, on health grounds.
He was instrumental (pun unintended) in helping to form the band back in 2000, then the LSA - David can be contacted via his highly informative and personal site which is both personal & BB orientated.

Brent Greenwood

A long distance BB Officer Brent has a wealth of experience and a personal network folk would die for.
Printing & photographer is his forte and if he can sort it out then he will. As such he is an invaluable Assistant Adjutant (Technical) for the band.

Chris Noble

Chris is currently a Warrant Officer with 1st Malvern Company BB where he looks after the drum section for them, as well as the 7th Malvern Coy GB.
A talented lad he reads the dots well and achieved Drumming Grade 5 with the National Exam Board.
The Company band has done well at the Nationals with Chris as their lead drummer. He is now an instructor for BADOTSA.

Bert Lowe

What Bert doesn’t know about Bugling & Band work isn’t worth knowing following band work in the 60’s, which involved the Ketch Cup competitions.
Bert (some say he knew Pontius when he was a pilot) has been around for a long time and is till able to play and march though now in his 80th year. He is currently Musical Director (Bugles) for BADOTSA

Paul Hotton


Brian White

Brian learnt to play bugle in the 1st Worthing BB Company Band. He then became an Officer and their bandmaster. He also undertook the same role with the 4th and 5th Worthing Company’s.
He went on to form a combined BB & GB band for The West Sussex District on the occasion of their Jubilee Display in 1976. He re-discovered Bugling when the Brighton Stedfast Band commenced in 2000. Brian is now a Bugle Instructor with BADOTSA majoring on second bugle parts.

Hazel Wallis

Hazel is an officer in the 1st Harlington company (BB and GA). She first picked up a bell lyre to give the bugle section in the local band a rest as they marched up the hill in the village.
She joined the BADOTSA band in 2006. Hazel is the musical director (bells) for the BADOTSA band.

Brian Hawkins

Brian first joined The Life Boys in the 25th South Essex the 28th South Essex L/B and Company, now Waltham Forest.
Attained the exalted rank of Corporal from whence his nickname is derived.
Learnt to play the Bugle in 28th. Joined Stedfast Band in 2007 and his heroes are the Royal Marine Buglers.

Luke Walters

Luke is currently a Warrant Officer with 1st Malvern BB Company and a talented Cornet & Bugle player.
Capable of sight-reading well he is now in charge of the Bugle section with his home band and an instructor with BADOTSA.
He joined the Brigade as an Anchor Boy and over a career spanning 13 years rose to S/Sgt before taking on an Officership with the Company.
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