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The current bands uniform is as follows:
  • Glengarry with red/blue hackle and either a BB or Stedfast hat badge;
  • Black NATO style wool pullover with V-Kneck BB Epaulette badges as existing
  • White pilot shirt at all times with Stedfast tie - double Windsor knot
  • Raincoat as existing - to be worn if wet. (Transparent capes may be provided)
  • Black trousers (with current BB Pattern belt)
  • Black shoes with toecap (Oxford) or boots with toecap.
  • Black socks
  • Black A-Line skirt for ladies worn with black laced, flat shoes
  • Long hair to be worn up (both sexes)
Orders Decorations & Medals may be worn at discretion of recipient. No BB badges to be worn on public appearances.

Uniform is now provided by our Quartermaster Phil Macefield from The Marching Band Shop

Basic Summer Winter
Photo: BADOTSA Basic Uniform Photo: BADOTSA Summer Uniform Photo: BADOTSA Winter Uniform
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