The Bugles & Drums of The Stedfast Association

Drum & Bugle Bands have been very much a part of the way of life for those in The Boys' & Girls' Brigades over the years. Members of BADOTSA have that sense of history and past running through them. Many were, and still are, members of active BB/GB bands.

The band was started in 2000 by former members of The Boys' Brigade in London, to help celebrate the Millennium, and was previously known, as the 'London Stedfast Association Bugle Band' or "LSABB". On 1st January 2010, the band changed its name to its current one, in recognition that bands Members, who all give their time freely, come from all over the United Kingdom and beyond.

In November 2017, the band, sixty plus members strong, made its fourth appearance in the prestigious annual City of London, Lord Mayor's Parade. In the last few years, performances have taken place on The Somme Battlefield in France, Edinburgh, Malta, Guernsey, Northern Ireland, and Wales. All current and former BB & GB members, friends and supporters can join, provided they are over 18 years of age. The band provides an opportunity to 'show the flag' for the Brigades as well as often providing support for Companies or Battalions. Our instrumentation is Snare Drums, Bass Drums, Tenor Drums, Bell Lyres, Cymbals and Bugles.

In 2019 the Band was formed into a Charitable Limited Company. There are currently four Directors, appointed annually. Other officers in the band are members of the management committee, who help to support our work.

Over the past year we have, sadly, lost some of our founding members, notably Mr Paul Hern from Malvern, who directed the Band from 2008, Mr Brian Rutt from London and Mr Paul Hearne from Brighton.

We are always looking for new members, and we rehearse in venues all over the country, we can provide some training.

If you require band/parade information please contact Roy Meadows (Adjutant) at, or for website contact please email

NEWS: City of London - Lord Mayors Show - November 2021

City of London - Lord Mayors Show - November 2021

BADOTSA have been selected to parade in the City of London, Lord Mayors Parade, November 2021

NEWS: Guernsey Parade Cancellation

Guernsey Parade Cancellation

BADOTSA parade on Guernsey for the Liberation Day - CANCELLED

We are always looking for ex BB & GB members to

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